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Fixing the Problem
[Fullsize] – A striking photo, but not quite what I wanted; I felt I had it all: texture, depth, colour, contrast, subject, angles, layers, vanishing points, shadows… but I just couldn’t get the composition that made them all work together. I’m still petty happy with what I ended up with though!
Ironically, this was shot using my 10-22mm UWAZ that I’ve complained about being soft and subject to a lot of CA’ing… and it performed beautifully here – at 22mm! So apparently it’s best to use this wide lens at it’s narrowest – in close proximity. No, I’m not being sarcastic.

Note – I white-balanced the ‘blogged version differently from the full size version, as always – get in touch with me if you want something worked a differently. (Just remind me that it’s Serial 20080603-7889)

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