Heaters & Ionization

Heaters & Ionization -- By

A new set of Ruby EL34EH vacuum tubes, exposed in a black room to show the purple ionization, and the red glow of the heaters.

(Normally you shouldn’t see ionization with your naked eyes, otherwise your tubes have gone bad. This is a long exposure to emphasize the visible effect.)

EXIF information
model Canon EOS 5D Mark II
artist Mike Geiger -- John Counter Photography
exposureTime 10.000 s (10/1)
fnumber f/4.5
exposure aperture priority (semi-auto)
isoEquiv 1600
DateTime 2013:01:13 22:19:43
exposureBias 0.33 (1/3)
focalLength 70.00 (70/1)
15. January 2013, 00:03 details & comments (3) Posted in: LongExposure